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Yes !!!! That is right.... this site is free of sex, porno pictures. Even if this site is dedicated to the famous mari Misato, the japanese actress... well.... you want more explicit words.... so, the japanese erotic actress (no, no... no porno stuffs here!!!). So, even if this site is dedicated to mari Misato, you will be able to find here only pictures from her face.

First of all, I want to thank all the people who are managing the sites dedicated to mari where I took the pictures, all the ones who find the time to scan them, all the photographs who took those pictures and finaly, mari for giving us such nice pictures.

How do I know her ???? Well, it is pretty simple... I live in Paris, France. And a few months ago, she came in Paris... I was starring at her and she noticed it. She gave me the name of her Hotel and her room number. Then I showed her another side of Paris life. Now, she knows the difference between a french male and the rest of the world8)

Ok, ok... I am joking... I was just browsing the net as usualy and I found some picture of her... I found the picture really pretty and the model too, so I decided to know more and here is the result !

I'd like to say that this site is completely free. If one of you would like to help me and give me a professional hosting for this site... you are welcome... I am sure we can find a good deal for both of us... but I don't want to pay a single cent... this site is a hobby, nothing more.